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The Outreach Committee, supported by the generosity of the congregation,

is able to spearhead various charitable initiatives, keeping in mind the

Mission and Vision statements of our church

 Mission and Service

Mission & Service donations support congregations and new church development, Canadian outreach programs, international relief and development, training and support for ministers, and maintaining of ecumenical relationships.

Donations to M & S give us a collective voice in advocating change, justice, reconciliation and peace both locally and internationally.

 Sleeping Children   Around the World

Since 1993, our congregation, with the help of EES Financial Services, has supported this worthwhile charitable organization. 100% of all donations are used to purchase bed kits which are distributed to school aged children in third world countries.

To date, 5,095 bed kits have been distributed as a result of our contributions.

 Camp Big Canoe

Camp Big Canoe is a United Church sponsored overnight camp located on Hart Lake in beautiful Muskoka and has been in existence for over

50 years.

Our congregation has been great supporters from the beginning. 

The camp offers outdoor living in a natural environment on a 240 acre wooded site and children from ages 6 to 16 take part in a wide range of camping activities designed to promote physical, intellectual and spiritual development. 

 Food Bank

Each year, the number of people accessing Food Banks continues to grow.

St. Andrew's is proud to support our local Food Bank with specific Sundays dedicated to collecting donations.

 Mrs. Claus

Each Christmas, our congregation supports several families through the Mrs. Claus Program under the auspices of York Region Social Enterprises.


The families come from a wide variety of backgrounds but share a common need for assistance in making the holidays special for their children.

World Vision

For several years, our congregation has sponsored 2 children and their communities through our connection with World Vision.


Special Projects

Sometimes , a special need arises and our Outreach Committee is ready to respond...from collecting mugs and warm socks for the homeless donations for families and youth without a safe place to coffee, gift cards for the Toronto Urban Native personal care products for 360° Kids... we strive to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate

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